Clare Sykes – Owner & Founder of United Theatre Company 

Clare started performing at the age of 4 in Hawthorn School in Birmingham. Over the last 20+ years she has taken part in all kinds of acting from musical productions, ghost tours, feature films and pantomimes. Over her years of performing, Clare has had the opportunity to also learn lights, sound, stage management, costumes, contracts and marketing.

Nothing makes Clare happier than to see an audience entertained and everyone, cast and crew having a good time.

In 2004 Clare started writing a show called “The Six sided story” which 10 years later became “SIX”, this opened in June 2014. The show was a complete success and is even returning (by popular demand) in 2015 for another 2 shows.

Clare aims to write more shows, musicals & short films.

“United is going to be about fun, bringing people together and enjoying learning the art of performing. Its a new company which we aim the public will take by storm”

Clare’s Credits include:

Stage Credits
2009 – Belle (Christmas Carol, Caramba Theatre Company)
2010 – Kalinba (Kalinba Kilbana, Showcase Campbell Perry)
2011 – Grace (Annie, Shocase)
2011 – Gabriel (Saints & Sinners)
2011 – Mel Bloxham (Kenilworth ghost tour)
2012 – Cinderella (Cinderella, OTFM Productions)
2012 – Aladdin (Aladdin, Caramba Theatre Company)
2013 – Ann Deever (All my Sons, Seconds thoughts, Bear Pit Theatre)
2013 – Rose (Kenilworth Ghost Tour)
2013 – Prince Valiant (Sleeping Beauty, Priory Theatre)
2014 – Little girl ghost (Kenilworth Ghost Tour)
2014 – Fairy Adorabelle (Cinderella, United Theatre Company)
2015 – Ruth Ellis (Thrill Of Love, Second Thoughts)

Short Films
2010 – Lead Girl (Runner)
2012/ 2013 – Ninja (Paused, Time-lapse Films)
2012 – Werewolf (Full Moon, Jiinx Productions)
2013 – Pregnant Chav (2@ Comedy Show)
2014 – Light Runner (The Chase, United Theatre Company)

Feature Films
2014 – Extra work (We don’t say goodbye, Jiinx Productions)
2015 – ‘The Snarling’

Directing Credits
2014 – The Chase (United Theatre Company)
2014 – SIX (United Theatre Company)
2014 – Cinderella (United Theatre Company)
2015 – SIX (United Theatre Company)
2015 – Pinocchio (United Theatre)

Writing credits
2014 – SIX (United Theatre, Drama)
2014 – Cinderella (United Theatre, Pantomime)
2015 – Pinocchio (United Theatre, Pantomime)

In Clare’s spare time she works at the Spa Centre as a casual technician, fire spins, kayaks & is a local photographer

Charlie Rose Auld – Manager
Charlie has been acting, singing and dancing since she was a child.
At 19 she became a holiday rep and spent many happy years performing in in-house shows and solo cabarets.
Charlie has perform with amateur theatre companies on the Isle of Wight.
When not performing on stage, Charlie can be found with blood on her hands as part of a murder mystery troupe.
Charlie is thrilled to be on the United theatre team and cannot wait to help and watch the company grow.
“It is amazing how far this company has gone in such a short space of time. We focus on the quality of our shows despite being a new company and we have had some amazing support. It’s going to be an exciting future for United.”
2002 – 2003: Lead Vocalist, Presenter and Dancer – Haven and British Holidays
2004: Lead Vocalist, Presenter and Dancer – Park Resorts
2005: Chorus – Wizard of Oz
2006: Eve – Snakes and ladders
2007: Chorus – ‘On Broadway’
2011 – Present: Sophie Milton/Kim Bolton etc – Murder Sleuths
2014: Millie/Lorna – SIX
2014: Grizelda Hard Up – Cinderella

Christopher Goldthorn – Development Manager

Christopher first hit the stage when he was 9 years old, performing the role of Young Patrick in “Mame” for Willenhall Operatic Company, and he never looked back. Until he was 18 he performed in numerous plays in the West Midlands then he took the next logical step and went to Carmarthen, South Wales to study Acting.

Three years later, with degree in hand, he began touring in schools pantomime with M&M productions based in Ayr in Scotland. After 18 months he turned back to theatre (and pantomime) with “Goldilocks and The Three Amazing Bears” at the Bolton Albert Halls, then “Jack and the Beanstalk” at the Billingham Forum.

In between these two performances, he managed to secure regular acting work as a Character Actor at Warwick Castle, a role he still performs today. In his spare time he’s is also an Internet Gaming personality on YouTube and he hosts his own Podcast. He is also a budding writer and director, a singer-songwriter with 4 albums of original music and an orchestral composer.

His first United Theatre role came in 2014 when he performed Buttons in “Cinderella”

Selected Theatre & Film Roles:
Miles – “The Innocents” – Rose Theatre, Kidderminster
Peter – “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” – Rose Theatre, Kidderminster
Billy – “Billy Liar” – Rose Theatre, Kidderminster
Morgan – “The Corn Is Green” – Goldthorn Theatre Company, Wolverhampton
Richard III – “The Wars Of The Roses” – Trinity University College
Mr Ifans – “Where Is Mr Ifans” [Radio] – Trinity University College
Tom – “The Middle” [Film] – Blatella Productions
Mr Miyagi – “The Italian Restaurant” – Naohiko Umewaka
Sir Gawain – “A Question For King Arthur” – Trinity University College
Colin – “Stag Nights” [Film] – Trinity a University College & Health and Safety Films
Paul – “Upgrade” [Film] – Blatella Productions
Sherlock Holmes – “Sherlock Holmes and the Wicked Women” – Trinity University College
Captain Hawkeseye – “Dick Whittington” – M&M Productions
Ram Dass – “A Little Princess” – M&M Productions
Mr Perks – “The Railway Children” – M&M Productions
Daddy Bear – “Goldilocks And The Three Amazing Bears” – Duggie Chapman Associates
PC Spick – “Jack And The Beanstalk” – Duggie Chapman Associates
Buttons – “Cinderella” – United Theatre Company

Victoria Emms – Dance Choreographer

Victoria started dancing with Southam Dancing Academy at the age of 3 and has qualifications in Ballet, Acro, Tap, Modern and Lyrical. She started teaching when she was 14 and up until a few years ago ran her own school “Dreamcatcher”

Victoria has performed with many local groups including The Loft Theatre, Leamington in West Side Story and The Talisman Theatre, Kenilworth in many pantomimes and shows including The Boyfriend but has spent most of her time with Leamington & Warwick Musical Society. She started performing with them when she was 17 in Anything Goes and has done shows including Jesus Christ Superstar, Crazy for you and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers to name but a few, most recently The Producers. For the last 6 years Victoria has been Dance Captain with LWMS and she isvery much looking forward to her new venture with United Theatre Company.

Matthew Horspool – Sound Engineer

Matt has been interested in music, and sound by extension, ever since he can remember: from a young age he was exposed to bands and DJs at family parties and holiday resorts, and he was always fascinated with how everything worked; it wasn’t uncommon for him to stop the DJ or sound man at the end of an event and pepper him with questions!

His interest didn’t abate in his teenage years, and at the age of sixteen he opted to attend boarding college, where he regularly DJ’d in the student bar. He later became entertainments manager and spent his weekends breaking down and re-assembling the sound system in an attempt to figure out how it worked.  By 2011, he had attained a BTEC level 3 qualification in sound engineering, amongst other qualifications.  As part of his course, he was exposed to the local unsigned music scene and worked as a live sound engineer in small-scale music video recording sessions.  He invited some of these bands back to the student bar and engineered their performances there. He later had the opportunity to work with a Johnny Cash tribute band, whose tour stopped in Hereford for a night.
He then moved to Coventry to complete an undergraduate degree at Coventry University, and it was there that he began work in theatre. His initial projects were small touring productions, but recently he has worked in several larger venues including Stratford Civic Hall and the Priory Theatre Kenilworth.
In his spare time, Matt is a keyboard player and backing singer in an acoustic duo, who performed in the Rhythm Tent at the 2013 Godiva Festival in Coventry.  His other interests include radio and computer science.
He joined United Theatre when it was established in 2013 as he already had a good working relationship with its founder.  He relishes the challenge of developing the company’s infrastructure, with respect to sound, from the ground up and looks forward to the opportunities it will bring in the future.


I’ve been acting ever since my school days and have always had a flair for the dramatic.
I enjoyed being involved in school shows before my academic pursuits sadly took
precedence whilst studying Biological Science at Manchester University.

Having returned to Warwickshire following the completion of my degree, I initially didn’t
think I would return to acting. Not knowing anyone who was involved in the local area my
focus fell into other pursuits, Having met United Theatres current choreographer
Victoria Emms, she “recruited” me into The Loft Theatre’s production of “West Side Story”
as Indio. Initially I was reluctant due to the amount of dance involved (being a 6’2”
ex-Rugby player – I’m more used to planting my feet and NOT moving them).
Under Vic’s (and Jackie the choreographers) patient tutelage I slowly learned the ropes
and was able to integrate a new skill into a good (if sometimes stressful) performance.

Despite suffering an injury to my knee that required surgical intervention (after
colliding with a stage support), I was quickly back to the stage next year with LWMS –
playing “Franz Liebkind”.
Playing alongside a very experienced group of musical actors made this role more of a
challenge, but it was a fantastic character role to play and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is where I first met Clare Sykes (and thus the United Theatre adventure truly began).

Following the establishment of United Theatre I have served as an “unofficial” advisor /
sounding board to Clare and the other members of the Directorship and am sometimes called
upon to Proof certain articles. But this obviously plays second fiddle to being part of
the Untied Theatre acting group. Whilst we had a strong core of initial actors and
technicians we’re growing all the time and I look forward to meeting new people and
learning new skills / character sets.

Initially playing a very young, nervous and stuttering individual (something not a
million miles away from a younger me) as Jay in SIX, I’ve been given the opportunity
to play the “charming” Prince Calloway in Cinderella (United Theatres 2014 Pantomime).

United Theatre has been a second home for me since its inception and I continue to
look forward to making it even more successful in the future.
Although much less experienced in the sphere of theatre than most of the other members,
I like to help where and when I can, so if you see me, please ask as many questions
as you like. I’m always happy to help.

Stage Credits (Recent)
2012 – “Indio” – West Side Story – Loft Theatre
2013 – “Franz” – The Producers – LWMS
2014 – “Jay” – SIX – United Theatre
2014 – “Prince Calloway” – Cinderella – United Theatre

In my spare time, I can often be found deconstructing or rebuilding computer hardware,
completing / training for obstacle race events (Tough Mudder / Wolf Run etc), cooking
or simply playing computer games.


Chris Hepburn – Lighting Technician

Amy Rodger – Set Design

Colin Watson – Set Builder

Tom Gibson – Set Design & Build