Running away can be the easiest option at times.
This time is wasn’t.
It’s time to come face to face in the chase of your life.

Our first short film ‘THE CHASE’ is now live on our YouTube page
Have a look and let us know what you think!

Click here to watch The Chase

The Chase was written in 2014 by Clare Sykes & Directed by Clare Sykes & David Hanna.
It was filmed in 1 day at Newbold Common in Leamington Spa with a team of 8 people.
United was able to write, film & publish The Chase in just 72 Hours.

Light Runner: Clare Sykes
Dark Runner: Arianna Piani
Extra’s: Seb Shaw & Matt Shaw

Director : David Hanna & Clare Sykes
On set Photographers: Liam Hogan- Birse, Alex Etter